Mr. Lee Morgan on trumpet

© Eliot Elisofon, ca. 1954, Louis Daniel ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong
There are few photographers who can even say they captured Africa quite the way Eliot Elisofon did during his lifetime. Besides that he is also famous for his wonderful portraits like the one above. His legacy of photography and filmmaking provides ethnologists, photographers, and historians a fantastic visual record of African life from 1947 to 1973.
What is most notable about Elisofon is at a time when outside cultures were viewing Africa through stereotypes and misconceptions, his photography was always grounded in humanity and respect. (source)
The color version of this image from the archives of LIFE magazine first appeared on January 17, 1955 (source):

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Marcel Duchamp descending a staircase - Eliot Elisofon, New York, 1952

Arthur Leipzig © Arthur Leipzig
Chalk Games, Prospect Place, Brooklyn, 1950.
A new exhibition at The Jewish Museum in New York examines a group of young, idealistic photographers who documented the Big Apple from 1936-1951. See more here. 

Johnny Hodges—Alto Saxophonist, Duke Ellington Orchestra

Fullmer v. Robinson II
(Grey Villet. 1957)

Billie Holiday, 1958. 
She really loved dogs

Texas, 1965, Lee Friedlander


Albert Ayler and his group in front of Slugs

Lee Morgan was murdered by his common-law wife at Slugs.

Johnny Hodges in Paris, France (1958). 

Credit. Herman Leonard.